Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder

The possibilities are endless, thanks to its small assembled parts that allow it to mold to many different shapes.

A car, an airplane , a house. Whatever is. Mi Robot Builder is like the Rubik’s cube, but in the best of ways and without, of course, the color association. And is that with this robot you can unleash your creativity, doing what you really want to do and creating both existing elements or inventing new ones. A car with a shark tail? Done. A house with tentacles? Why not? There are no limits.

Endless creations

For content creators in networks who love ‘curious’ figures, it is an essential element. You can create detailed photos or videos of what you have built and share it with the rest of the world. Something like the concept of Minecraft, but taken from the virtual world.

The only limit you have is the size of the robot itself, but hey. What if you put two or three Mi Robot Builder together and start building the beast? There are real trends on the net looking for the strangest, most inspired and most extravagant forms of the Internet and the rumor has it that people are already thinking of creating a category in certain photography contests that are focused on creations with construction robots like these. Weirder things have been seen, right?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder

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